When booking a language course with most companies, you can be lucky and get a very good trainer or unlucky and get a bad trainer. At aristocom international, we want to make sure you get aristocom quality when you book a course with us.


When booking a language course with most companies, you can be lucky and get a very good trainer or unlucky and get a bad trainer. At aristocom international, we want to make sure you get aristocom quality when you book a course with us.

Therefore, we create a detailed concept for each course, including videos, discussion points, simulations and case studies, to ensure that you know upfront which contents will be discussed and the methods used.

Both you and/or your company and the trainer have full transparency and should you miss a lesson, you know exactly what has been done. If a trainer changes, the new trainer knows exactly how and where to continue and you don’t have a loss of time or an entirely different course but continue seamlessly.

To ensure the best possible quality, all our trainers are employed and we do not work with external freelancers.

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City of the Month in Focus, a quiz, the idiom of the week and news is what you can expect in our monthly newsletter, designed to help you improve your English (newsletter in German & Spanish coming soon), entertain you and give you some insider tips on the best cities, also soon to be found in our blog.

Fun Day

Every quarter, we offer a “Fun Day”.

You meet up with native speakers of the language you are learning (German or English) and spend a few hours together, practising the language by doing something fun, such as:

Laser Tag, Museum, Climbing, Hike, Board Game, Cinema etc.


The schedule for 2022 will be posted shortly.

Experience Trips

There is no better way to learn a language than to travel to a country where this language is spoken.

And when you have an insider by your side who not only helps you with your language skills but also knows the hot spots of the city, the experience is perfect.

The trips are always a great mix of culture, entertainment, great food and networking.

As professionals from many different companies join our trips, it is not a fabulous way of exploring a new city and improving your language but also meeting other professionals and networking.

Group Exchange

If you are interested in seeing the work of your peers in other companies, you may take part in our “group exchange” program. As a group, you can sign up and we will match you to a group from another company, who works in the same or similar department. They will give you a tour of their company/work (in the foreign language you are both learning) and in exchange you will give them a tour of yours.


Both tours will be part of your course and the trainer(s) will join the tour, write down all vocabulary unknown and mistakes made and discuss it with you in your next session. This way you get an insight into other company’s work, meet new peers and practise real life language skills you need in your job.



Every year we issue a summer and a winter entertainment package to be used in your lessons (English, German, Spanish).

It contains articles and videos about various fun topics, from travelling to culture, movies and technology. The entertainment session is conducted twice during your course after each test. You receive the topic overview from us via email and your trainer gets the full package.

The overview shows you a quick description of the topics and is in order from easy to difficult.

Topics 1-2: Level A2

Topics 3-4: Level B1

Topics 5+: Level B2+

Click here to see the topics of our current English package.

Idiom of the week

My dear Mr Singing Club, I understand only train station.

When translating directly from your native language into a foreign language, this may be the result, especially when idioms and proverbs are involved. 

To enhance your knowledge of English (interesting even for English native speakers), we send out one idiom or proverb per week incl. the explanation and origin of the saying.

As an aristocom international participant, you automatically receive this idiom via email. Should you not be a participant yet, you can either subscribe to our newsletter and receive the idioms on a monthly basis with our newsletter, follow our Facebook page or follow them directly on our website.



Learning a language does not need to be dry and boring.

To make your learning process even more entertaining, we offer a big range of games you can use in your lessons to make your lessons even more fun.

Just ask your trainer.

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